Thursday Doors by others, 26/9/19

One of the favourite results of my blogging, in particular taking part in the Thursday Doors challenge, has been making people notice doors more. Sometimes they even point and click and send me their doors. Much appreciated!









I’m not talking about other bloggers, even though I often see that some start to posts Thursday Doors after seeing mine, and this makes me truly happy. I mean family members and friends who don’t have a blog and rely on me to post their doors.

In this way I have already hosted mother’s friend’s wonderful southern Italy series, sister’s French doors in one post, and her and father’s Croatian doors in another, uncle’s Malta and various Morocco doors, father was in Štanjel in Slovenia and saw plenty of doors there, and I’m sure I’m missing some.

But I keep getting doors all the time, especially from my childhood friend who has been on the move a lot with her husband. I consider them door postcards and am always happy to receive them.

So today’s series includes the wandering couple’s doors from the Czech Republic, Valencia and Sardinia, father’s contribution from Split, Croatia, sister’s door from Ljubljana, another Ljubljana door by a mysterious reflected photographer, and the most recent contribution – a door from Porto by amore’s coworker who once invited us to his home and a stroll along Via Appia Antica in Rome and had to wait for me while I was door-hunting. Now he tells me that a friend of his, who has been taking door photos all his life, wishes to join our door caravan, and I can only say benvenuto! It might be easier if he starts his own blog though.

And there are also two with yours truly door guardian in it, which doesn’t happen that often.

Thank you to everybody for all the doors even if you only send them telepathically. I get them all.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

32 thoughts on “Thursday Doors by others, 26/9/19

  1. Doors – they are truly an art form. Such workmanship. I love them all – Today, I was particularly fascinated with the stone arch ( like something you would see on a church) – Fantastic. I love the look of those cafes in Portas. Is that Italy or Portugal?

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    1. Yeah, doors are an art from! Well said, Amanda. 🙂 Today they are really from different countries, but Portas is the name of this pizzeria in Split, Croatia. Porta means “door” in Italian, that’s why I say they should let door bloggers eat there for free. 😉 Thank you!


  2. Quite a varied collection, as varied as your growing list of contributors 😉
    I swear before long you’re going to have an entire legion of door minions scouring the globe for you in search of doors.
    My faves this week are the blue Sardinian one, the Valencia Special Door, and the one with you guarding the castle.

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  3. Hi MMM,

    Okay, you got me on the Split doors. I used to live up by the zoo when all the animals were starving to death. Back during the war. I think I told you that once. Hope you are well. I have a piece of metal in a nerve canal and it is really bugging me. Good luck with your life. Thanks. Duke

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    1. Ahh, good to hear from you, Duke. It sounds like you need some new Croatian memories. Once there was a German hit song: “Besuchen Sie Europa solange es noch steht.” Lyrics mention Pershings. Good luck is about to turn. I hear that those who had it hard will be the last to go. Write out that metal.


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