Birthday in the sign of orange

Today celebrates my friend Darja. No matter that the passage of time clearly doesn’t affect you, I still wish to gift you a tune, a poem and some happy images of together times.









First the soundtrack. It could be The Doors, since on this day Jim Morrison was born back in 1943, or it could be John Lennon since on this day in 1980 his life on earth tragically ended. Alas, here to bring out the Italian in everyone is a man whom you love and have heard live several times – Mr. Mike Patton.

Next, a little anecdote poem:


Grandpa might not be good with names

but he could make a mean goulash.

So when you came by while I was out

and left me a basketful of goodies

it was with deepest respect for all that’s good

that he replied to my inquisitive glance:

“Who left it? Your friend, you know the one,

with hair like goulash.”

You moved from Slovenia to England a long time ago and live an hour from London, I live halfway between Siena and Rome, so nowadays we see each other once a year but as you correctly said – better once than not at all. The last time I visited you was in 2010 for the Pearl Jam concert. I truly hope that you and your humorous Scottish husband will visit us in Tuscany too one day.

And finally, here is a compilation of our fun times in images with some other orange moments thrown in. Because orange is not a new anything, it’s always been and it’s here to stay.

Dear Darja, who knows where in the world you are celebrating right now. Wherever it is, cheers and to many more happy years!

Also in response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #209: Orange

18 thoughts on “Birthday in the sign of orange

  1. I love friendships like this! You may not see each other often but when you do it seems like no time has passed! I did not get the orange meaning in your poem until I saw the picture of the goulash. I always thought it was brown but your goulash picture here makes me hungry….

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    1. Thank you, Irma. You’re right, it’s this kind of friendship. You’re also right about the goulash. It depends on who is making it but it’s really more brown than orange. Just like her hair, actually. 😉 However, there is no photo of goulash. Read the captions again. These are other orangey dishes. 🙂

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