L-A PC: Monomochrome

If you say monochrome to Ms. Mexcessive, she says no. But then she softens and only smuggles in one other colour. On average.

Strangely, I don’t mind and even enjoy (some) other people’s black and white photos, but this is because they know what they are doing.

Luckily, Patti includes “different shades of one colour” in her instructions, or this rebel would suffer.

Firstly, because I already did one black&white post on this blog and didn’t plan to do another soon, and secondly because a day without colours is, well… night.

So, without a hint of regret, instead of my attempt at bringing some soul into my photos this way (as the famous quote describes b&w photography), here is my monomochrome colour fest. But you’ll see, I did try to keep it unicolour or at least feature one dominant colour.

It starts out in gentle tones but it soon gets excessive. Don’t forget to click on the last one and view the photos again in the horizontal gallery. (Goes for the big screen.)

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Patti at P. A. Moed: Monochrome


35 thoughts on “L-A PC: Monomochrome

  1. I like your interpretation of monochrome. You seem like such a bright and vibrant person it must be hard to keep to just black and white when you post your photos. I think the photos from Giardino are the pick for me.

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  2. I love this quote from you, Manja: “…a day without colours is, well… night.” It made me smile. I’m so glad you were able to post a full range of colors and intensities here. This is a great collection! I’m fascinated by the coloration of the cat in your first shot. Really interesting! I can’t believe how it matches the stones!

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