Thursday Doors, 31/10/19: Maremma mix

For this last day in October I have selected some photos from last month when we had the last visitors and it was the last time I went anywhere farther than the beach.










While most of you are getting ready for some scary pumpkin action, some think of the dead, some are getting retired and ready for new doors, some wrangle sick kids and night when it should be day, and some celebrate World Savings Day and learn to do nothing, here are some doors because it’s Thursday.

The first part of the photos is from Capalbio on the hill above us, then there is a lovely gate we found on the way to a new beach, and the last two are from Porto Ercole. This region is called Maremma and it used to be bad news, with the marshes, mosquitoes and malaria. Now it’s another kind of MMM on the loose. Always welcome.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

48 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 31/10/19: Maremma mix

  1. Some of these do look familiar but it’s always nice to just enjoy and soak in the beauty of this wonderful part of the world.
    And, the light in your featured shot is spectacular of course 😉

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  2. Love these intimate details in your captures, Manja! The sunlight helps to give them lots of atmosphere. I think I saw you came by my blog last week- thank you! Am still catching up on two weeks of on and off electrical power outages (fire prevention, because of 6 fires burning in California right now – not close, so not to worry). Have a great weekend!

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      1. When one starts living in a certain place, one only sees the good things, lol!I Love remaining in contact with you – am a people person:) and you live in an area I adore!

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  3. Another Triple M in the same country? Is the world ready? The elevator is out of this world – literally. It looks like something in a fantasy story that only appears at certain times and then the greenery folds over it and it disappears.

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