Friendly Friday secrets

Not all of today’s revelations will be secrets or news – at least not to the likes of Snow Melts Somewhere who has been around my blog since the start – but if anything they won’t be fake.
















I don’t know how Snow expects me to write an informative, funny, illustrative and secretive post after she dropped the title Forbrydelsen and now I’m all immersed in the hygge Danish crime-solving, wondering where Friday and Saturday have gone, and I’m not even done with Season 1 yet.

(And now I know that half of you who are reading this will be as well, Snow included. Haha. But not Amanda. I’m certain she has seen it all already. She is a Scandi fan.)

This post is a bit me-heavy but I was astonished at some of today’s photos so much that I had to include them. I don’t look back all that often. To think that all that is really me!

The way I do my compilations is I throw my eye (as Slovenians would say) upon my archives and those twenty images (or so) that catch my eye first with regard to the theme in question are the winners. This time I decided to concentrate on my Pre-Italy folder. Hard to believe it, but there really was such a time.

These photos were taken from 2007 to April 6th 2013 when I had my farewell party. One week later I was gone.

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by The Snow Melts Somewhere: Secrets

29 thoughts on “Friendly Friday secrets

  1. Really intriguing post. Of course I have seen Forbrydelsen! All the seasons! I hope Snow is introducing you to Broen – The Bridge,” as well? Another excellent Danish crime series. But I am unsure if you were a journalist for the Danish Slovenian Society – could that be true?

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    1. Hehe, I had no doubt, Amanda! Okay, I have my next title to watch, great. I was indeed and we travelled around Denmark for a week. Actually, it’s all true but that Aurora. 😀 (Oh, and I didn’t model anything either, we were just at an agricultural fair.) Thank you so much!


      1. Thank you so much! I’ve seen only Trapped from there (just season 1, probably there are others). I watched it dubbed into Italian with English subtitles as well (as now The Killing). Pretty hilarious. The stoic Scandis get that extra burst of emotions plus at least I’m learning Italian. Win win win.


      2. I haven’t seen The Killing or any of the others you guys mention here… The Bridge I saw but it was the American one 🙈Umm, well I did used to watch Wallander at some point like a decade ago (not the UK version! The original Swedish one)-

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  2. I have watched Scandi TV series but not always noir/detective, they do other stuff too you know 🙂 Anyway, lovely getting to know even more about you through this post – most of it wasn’t new info, just more details. Except I didn’t know your parents bought a house because of a palm tree – they are my kind of people!!!: D

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  3. I have watched several northern European crime dramas and have not heard of this Forbrydelsen… first I’ve heard of it and now I must hunt. I hope we have it. There’s nothing so sad as being suggested things and not being able to have them…
    Anyway, your secret life looks as expected 😉

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    1. Hehe, thanks, Joey. I wear my secrets on my sleeve.

      I could write its English title and then you’d know probably: The Killing. I see that there is also the American version of it that I haven’t seen. I watched only the original Season 1 and was not immediately stoked to watch Season 2 but probably will at one time. BUT – then I started with Bron/Broen (The Bridge, of which also exists American version) as recommended and am already on Season 3 as it’s even superior to Forbydelsen. Which is your favourite of all that you’ve seen? I’ve only watched Trapped apart from these two.

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      1. Ahhhh, YES! I watched The Killing! It was VERY good! (American version, at least)
        I seem to like them all. Over the last few years I’ve really gotten into crime dramas — I really enjoyed Fortitude, Hinterland, Wallander — but honestly there haven’t been any I didn’t like. Netflix was all “Try this one” and I did, and I just kept liking them 🙂

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