Thursday Doors, 17/10/19: Rome

It feels so good when one day stretches into uncountable memories and several Thursday Doors.










The day was May 28th 2018, and Rome celebrated its annual Cortili aperti day, Open Courtyards day or better weekend. I did post some glimpses from this day already but I’m nowhere near posting all the doors that I captured that day. Here is just the first part of them around Piazza Navona with the first courtyard. After that I found 15 or so more hidden courtyards.

This post is dedicated to Flavia who keeps posting Slovenian doors (and windows and dragons) on her blog. (Even though right now she is in Argentina.) I thought I’d return the favour. Flavia is from Rome.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


39 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 17/10/19: Rome

      1. Haha, I just can hear you say that last sentence. That’s why I love staying connected to you – you follow your own course, I like that!

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  1. Awesome selection yet again my friend! We spent an afternoon exploring the area around Piazza Navona before heading home last year. All the fountains are magnificent as are all of the pretty old buildings and their fancy doors. Getting a chance to explore courtyards that aren’t usually open to the public must have been are real treat.

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