Thursday Doors, 10/10/19: Ljubljana

Today I invite you on a stroll through my city, Ljubljana. It’s not so much about the doors but about the atmosphere and architecture.












Today’s post is one of those that show you a city through my eyes, and the doors – they are here somewhere as well but they don’t stand out.

This walk happened on a July afternoon. I have just arrived to Slovenia for the summer, it was not as hot as in Tuscany and I felt good.

I chatted with my friend all along and I notice that when I do this, my photographs happen more or less subconsciously. It’s like looking around, in a way, only with the camera.

The doors from the first part of this walk you can see here. In the middle of it we climbed the Ljubljana Castle hill (well, with a funicular) to visit a splendid costume design exhibition (some of which I showed here). The doors on the way to the castle and around it you will see in one of my next Thursday Doors posts.

Let’s start with a building that will please our host Norm, judging from his recent prison series (but today he has some glorious ones). This is where he should stay when he visits Ljubljana. 😀

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

39 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 10/10/19: Ljubljana

      1. I visited a friend who lived there, and we rented a car together with another friend who visited her. She showed us Piran, Gorizia, the views on Bled and Bohinj, the professional ski jump area, the mountain pass with the muchly curved road (it was winter time). It was amazing. 7 days? 9? I don’t remember.

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      2. Oh great, you’ve seen quite some of the country. The Vršič pass (I’m sure it was that) in the wintertime can be tricky! Often it’s closed. I don’t think I was ever up there in the winter.


  1. A nice varied collection with a number of classy looking grand building too. From your previous posts I’m finding these to be a bit short on graffiti though 😉
    All in all more than enough to leave me intrigued and interested in visiting one day…and now thanks to you I even know of a place to stay 😀

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  2. Some prison cell!! Quite luscious to look at with that vivid colour. The lawyer naturally has a beautiful gate/door!
    Thanks for showing us more of Ljubljana- had to double check the spelling again. The phone is not yet tame – it’s still rebelling.

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    1. Sometimes it happens that a favourite comment remains unanswered. I’m glad I spotted it now. This is exactly how it goes through my mind as I prepare my posts. I look at the photos and write in the captions the exact things I would say to you if you were with me on the walk. Rolling commentary, I like the sound of that. 🙂 Thank you so much, Joanne!

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