Friendly electric Friday

This week Snow wants us to go electric like some Bob Dylan back in the day. My camera is not attracted to electricity much, so you have seen some of these motifs before. Still, I’ll always take a good lamp, a good computer and a good concert.


Elektrika is Slovenian word for electricity, and speaking of which, our power just went out due to a storm, which implies that bestia is nervous and woke me up or I’d never be posting on a Sunday, predawn.

But amore, who is electrician by trade, envisaged such outages and got us a device that prevents the computer from turning off for lack of power. This kind of optimisation is what he loves doing the most.

Today’s gallery shows some of that, and some lights from our coastal towns and Rome for light lovers like Joey. I took all today’s photos in the last five months.

Oh, and I hope that my travelling friends have a good day at the Cinque terre today and the storm passes them by. I have yet to go there.

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by The Snow Melts Somewhere: Electric

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