Thursday Doors, 19/9/19: Pertoča

The home of today’s door neighbours is Goričko, the region in the northeastern Slovenia near Hungary, Croatia and Austria: one neighbour a church, the other a homestead and shop.








The last time that I saw my friend whom I’m about to meet at Terme di Saturnia, less than hour away from where I live in the south of Tuscany, she was showing me the walls of her friend’s shop that she helped coat in mud and straw in the traditional style of her Pannonian part of Slovenia. Isn’t life fun?

This was a special day when I took amore to see these parts of Slovenia for the first time, and my friend was guiding us around all day.

Doorwise, two doors stood out that day and the first, of the villa My Peace, I showed you on the previous blog already. Find the second in this post.

In other news, my Italian blogger friend Flavia, whom I have yet to meet, is hopping around the Balkans. She was just in my city, Ljubljana, where she bought a new Canon and fell in love with the city. She compares it to Barcelona and vows to return. Hopefully when I’m there! She posted a door that I have never seen in my life, no matter how it’s situated right in the centre of Ljubljana. Find her post and the door here.

Be well and rejoice that we are and everything pretty much still is.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

20 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 19/9/19: Pertoča

  1. Cushioned seating in the church; you must have some very fancy sinners there 😉
    Of course your featured door is a complete stunner for its rustic beauty. The green shutters are lovely too.
    Excellent post!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. I love your post. The details on that interior door, wow! I could study that for a while:)
        And your friend Flavia, well I had gone to here’s first and already fell in love over there:)
        Thanks for sharing:)


        Liked by 1 person

  2. I too think that feature door is spectacular! I love the flower motif in the door panels and somehow the faded blue and yellow paint just adds to its allure.

    I also love the garage built into the hillside and the incredible mosaic in the church!

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