The Garden and victories

Since a small storm and a big rain it’s been lovely here in Piran. This is the Garden of Eden and Druga in twelve images from yesterday. As for the Olympics, I keep on whistling and sighing in pleasure.











Since I last mentioned the Olympic medal count of the 2-million Slovenia, judo fighter Tina Trstenjak first added a silver to make it a neat set with one of each, and then yesterday came the hour of the guy who looked like this one month ago:

Cyclist Primož Roglič fell badly early in Tour de France one month ago, and posed smiling like this even though he was not only hurt but also naked. He continued but eventually had to retire from the race.

Yesterday karma was the gold medal in the Olympic individual time trial race where Roglič beat everybody by a minute. The way he kept going even after he crossed the finish line told a few things about his last month and how happy he is now that he is finally no longer hurting. Two golds down, how gold can we go?

Father took this one off the TV.

Today, while no new medal, team Slovenia won also their second basketball game, against Japan by 35 points, and are now looking forward to play Spain on Sunday. I must admit that it pleases me when I see Americans complain that their national TV didn’t broadcast the game. The time has come when Americans are staying awake, wishing to watch Slovenia play. Who is the Dream Team now?

In the meantime, I have selected a new big bold theme for my new blog and am getting everything ready for the launch which will happen soon. The blog will be here: Once launched, you will need to find the follow button again, since this blog will be closed and posts will no longer be added here, only there.

And now I wish to show you our paradise now, that is yesterday. This is my parents’ garden in Piran, called The Garden of Eden (one man) and Druga (another woman), worked with love and grown with permissiveness, just like us kids. There is gigantic produce, yellow bees and a big bold moth that was sitting pretty and posing, possibly smiling too.

Come over, sit down and have a look.

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26 thoughts on “The Garden and victories

    1. Hi, Leya! “Slevenia” is doing well, but just now your discus thrower won in a splendid fashion while our medal-hopeful will have to be pleased with the 5th place. Don’t miss my new blog!


    1. Ahh, Bojana! ❤ Much love for your words and sentiments. No new medals since, a couple of guys were fifth (in table tennis and discus throw), a girl was 7th. I saw that your 3×3 guys were bronze. Tomorrow – Spain.


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