Pic and a Word #279: Frames

There are several frames of mind possible over every little or big thing. Here is an example.















But first, this just in: The first day of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, and Slovenia with its two million people has one medal already! Tadej Pogačar got bronze in the photo finish, almost silver, in the road cycling race. The first cycling Olympic medal for Slovenia of all times. It’s so good to be here for it.

Frames of mind

Eye sore
Sign of poverty

Urban oasis

In response to Patrick Jennings’ especially beautiful Pic and a Word Challenge #279: Frame

With warm wishes to Kara mia for whom the first birthday memory tolls below.

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15 thoughts on “Pic and a Word #279: Frames

      1. Oh! I don’t mind that, really. Women’s road cycling race was won by an Austrian amateur, a mathematician. Those doing it for money are being beaten by those doing it for love. I hope it remains this way forever.

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  1. Yay for Slovenia!! I looked up “Pogi” and found Pogi Team, which is pretty cool. He has embraced his nickname, then. 🙂 Your poem is short and sweet and a nice reminder about perspective. Though I loved the image the moment I saw it. I would add: A work of Art. Your title is “frames,” and I (like you must have) saw the hole as a decorated frame around the metal grate.

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    1. Thank you, Crystal, for seeing it like I did, and for calling it art. And for googling Pogi! Even his personal twitter account is @TamauPogi which means Little One Pogi. 😀 Today Slovenia won another medal, silver, and now has the full set of three. For now. 😉

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