Lens-Artists PC & CFFC: On the water

Water water everywhere and everything on the water, as long as it’s not smoke.













Here I am, combining challenges again, but I was forced! Just as I was getting ready to collect water images for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, the guest host of Lens-Artist Photo Challenge this week, John from Journeys with Johnbo, called On the water as the theme as well. Suits me perfectly.

But first, if you were wondering: yesterday was a HUGE success. Not only Slovenian cyclist Tadej Pogačar consolidated his Tour de France lead, not only Slovenian basketball team won and qualified for the Olympic Games in a beautiful fashion, but I won my online card tournament as well! Yuhuu! Something was in the air and if you read my yesterday’s poetry post you know that I’d known it was coming.

And now I’m really hot and would gladly jump in most if not all the waters in the photos. I like how multicoloured the images are. There are twenty + one because the last one is not joyful, but unfortunately these things happen on the water too.

We start at the Isola del Giglio and will end there as well. In between there will be Italy and Slovenia and one photo from Croatia and one from Prague. Plus there are two water images in the memories at the end. Welcome to jump in with me.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, guest-hosted by John at Journeys with Johnbo: On the Water

and for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water found in nature


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40 thoughts on “Lens-Artists PC & CFFC: On the water

  1. What a wonderful gallery of images. My favorites are the sunset and reflection in Orbetello Lagoon.
    As an avid fan of cruising in those large ships, the Costa Concordia is a cruiser’s worst nightmare.

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  2. Great selection of water photos but I was most drawn to your 2016: Rome in opposites. Yikes. Even before Covid I would have hated being in such a crowd. Now I think … all those people … all of them breathing in & all of them breathing out!

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    1. Isn’t it amazing, Sandy? I saw this photo again now and it made me especially cringe, but every time I visit Fontana di Trevi – where that photo is from – I hate the crowds. And I wish to be water so much. Did you click on the link so see the entire post? Rome really is the city of opposites. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you, Bojana! Yes, I was amazed that Serbia lost. Italy doesn’t deserve it. Not the players but the nation. Nobody gives a damn about basketball! Even calcio: when Italy qualified for today’s semifinale a few days ago, no neighbour yelled or screamed or cheered around here. (I didn’t even know the game was going on. Amore couldn’t care less.)

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      1. For real? Now that surprises me.
        People are crazy for sport back home. Every time sb wins, you think another war has just started. lol
        Oh well….some other time. Our female basketball team just won the European championship. We’ll settle for that. And Bg always knows how to say thank you to its sports people.

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  3. Beautiful collection – I love the ones that are almost abstract, like the gorgeous blues of the first shot and the sunset on the lagoon. The swans taking off is a great capture too!

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  4. Perfect waters, Manja! And your dream house in Sweden – do you remember we had an almost similar one? Our dear friends who owned it, has now sold it – to build a new house instead. Love you in the bath…and the fairy tale setting!

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    1. Thank you kindly, Donna. These are 20 different beautiful places in this post! That sailing trip was one of the kind. I could write a book about it. 🙂 Including the moment when the chef of our boat sent me to pick some rosemary for dinner and I brought lavender by mistake and he said that he had got a divorce for such reasons. 😀

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