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This is what I miss. This is why I blog. How about you? Zombie yet?








My first blogging buddy Snow Melts Somewhere, for whom I wrote a post which is the last in my today’s blogging history below, wrote a poignant post yesterday. Read that first if you haven’t yet.

I felt her finish: “It made me feel guilty for trying to capture people’s attention and steal moments of their life, both at work and at home. But it’s become a habit of mine. A hobby, even.”

I thought it over. Certainly not feeling guilty, certainly not trying to steal anything from anybody. In my comment I wrote: “I offer. I cater. I don’t sell, luckily we don’t have to. I’m not trying to do anything. I just do it. Why? To communicate.”

Snow’s reply made me think some more. She wrote: “In all honesty, even we non-monetary bloggers seek an audience. Otherwise, why not write a private blog – or journal? If we receive fewer likes or views, we wonder what happened. We are only human and it’s okay.”

Then it crystallised. I wrote: “I seek friends, not an audience.”

I used to have all sorts of friends in Slovenia but not so here in Italy. I had a friend for a year, we met through our blogs. Her name is Flavia and we had plenty of fun. She posted this invitation to the blogging meet-up that wasn’t to be just before the pandemic was proclaimed. This year we are still to meet. Maybe it will happen when another blogging friend comes from her Oregon if all goes well.

Blogging takes you places. Let’s just do it for whatever reasons we do it. I’m more than willing to gift my attention to my various blogging friends. For me, what you offer is the most worthwhile and satisfying content that I can get online. Imagine that.

These photos are from a hot day last September when my uncle, Flavia and I went to Tarquinia and Santa Severa. There we visited a museum inside a castle which also houses a hostel and offers magnificent sunsets.

It’s been really hot so I don’t think I would survive such a trip now, but I miss major photo fun with Flavia, and her laugh.

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24 thoughts on “Fun with friends

  1. Thanks for the introduction to The Snow Melts Somewhere – very thought-provoking post.
    Great photos, especially of the cat. The juxtaposition is great!
    I miss Flavia’s posts. It’s really too bad that the wretched covid interfered in your friendship plans.

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  2. Oh yes, that quote Be secretly incredible still resonates. I’m happy we are in this group of the most worthwhile content, and I do agree about that. Thanka for posting your thoughtful response, maybe I’m seeking friends too? Connections, certainly. Cross-regional weather gossip, for sure. Distraction, inspiration, those too.

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    1. But really, imagine that. We could be doing EVERYTHING else, and instead we are posting and chatting and visiting each other in this way, learning from each other, living a worthwhile existence. It’s good. Thanks for this post, SMSW, you made people think, including me. 🙂 So you see – a story after all.

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  3. You seek friends, not an audience. Well said, Manja and I think that describes the divide between the intentions of bloggers. Some are out to make money and need that audience to do that. Others – mostly those who have an urge to write or tell stories, through photos or words, do that. I think the time-wasters are the ones that describe their week in a post and what happened without crafting that into an interesting article, which can be done. But those posts are there for those who are interested in reading that. We are all different and we all seek different sorts of posts. Friendship arising from blogging is a lovely bonus and the result of two people connecting. Communication through connection is what we are about, perhaps? Is Flavia still blogging some?

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  4. Nina and I started memadtwo for each other. I remember how surprised I was when she told me we had followers. I had no idea.

    I still have no idea really, but like you I think I have made friends who I can share my work with. Who open worlds to me. Not an audience–those are strangers.

    I love that museum window. I would like to live with that window and that view. (K)

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    1. Thank you, K. I posted doors from the castle which houses this museum today and will post more in the future. It gets the best light.

      It’s lovely that you started the blog to post for each other. 🙂 What a nice idea.

      Sooner or later the right people are drawn to what we do. “Who open worlds to me. Not an audience–those are strangers.” I love it how you said this. We are lucky that we can do this. Thank you for each visit and word.

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  5. I just wanted to express myself when I started blogging. I never thought of it as a way to make money and I have no interest or need in doing that. Like you I just wanted to find a few like-minded souls. I feel grateful for the blog because in my daily life I would never meet so many of those like-minded souls, maybe a couple here or there? In the blog world I marvel that I have done so and that we are a web of our own all over the world. Love your thoughtful post. I appreciate seeing your part of the world and your commentary on it. I know that I will never travel much in the rest of my life, just closer to home, and yet through you and others I can have so much enjoyment. And I hope that I can do the same for you and others. Thank you.

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