Thursday Doors, 3/6/21: Funchal, Madeira

Yesterday I posted her sister’s gnome, today come her Madeira doors, with many thanks.

Katja is one of four “witch” friends of my mother. They call themselves according to their hair colour, and she is the Red. Her sister (another “witch” but I’m not sure of her name) created the garden gnome posted yesterday, which protects my parents’ garden in Piran.

Soon after I moved to Italy, Katja lent a book to my mother and me after she’d learned about the online way amore and I got together. Here is a photo and the post about that.

Last week, when she sent me these door photos, I knew immediately that I would post them and how much I’d love to visit Funchal, a place I’d known nothing about and wouldn’t know it was the capital of the Portuguese island of Madeira.

These door murals – 200 of them or so – have been there, in the street Rua de Santa Maria in Funchal, for a while. The first door was painted in 2011. And yet I don’t remember hearing about this project or seeing any of these doors before, not even on Thursday Doors.

And so a very special thank you, Katja!

Here, on the website of the project Arte Portas Abertas, you can play around and find these and see the rest of the doors. And if one of you visits Madeira, you know what to do. Two hundred door photos is not such a big deal.

The last photo is not from this street but from elsewhere in the city and is included as a counterpoint. It’s the Bank of Portugal door.

All photos: Katja Repič

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

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55 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 3/6/21: Funchal, Madeira

    1. Thank you, Anne. Ahh, you have! Yes, there is only one street with these doors. The artists have nothing to do with me though. Mom’s friends took these photos when she was visiting and sent them to me because she knows that I love doors. 🙂


  1. Ah, yes, you need to go there! Funchal and Ponta Delgada (the main city in the Azores) look like miniature film negative versions of Lisbon, with black basalt sidewalks instead of limestone white ones.

    Bank of Portugal has awesome doors (the one in Faro is worth googling), I’m tempted to write about them but reluctant of drawing attention to an institution with less than stellar reputation 🙂

    – Verne

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  2. I thought I heard something early this morning 😊. What a wonderful gift for Thursday Doors .I noticed the corner door, which is remarkable and I think one of the murals has a bartender at the corner of the bar. The murals are fun to look at and very well done.

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    1. Haha, tomorrow morning will be another day when you may hear something. Thank you, Dan. I love getting such gifts, especially from places I haven’t seen yet and who knows if I ever will. I’d love to take all these 200 photos though.

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  3. Am smiling because these doors are used for a space to get one’s message across! I favor the mermaid on the swing. Great post as always ! Jesh

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  4. Utterly outstanding doors. We had our honeymoon in Funchal, but that was long before I got interested in street art or doors. Perhaps I’ll have to suggest a return trip for nostalgic reasons, of course..

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    1. Ahhh, scooj, these were made for you!! I knew it was a sign but I couldn’t see myself there. Now I know – the sign was for you!! Go go go! Just don’t let your wife see this post. 😉 You will have such a great time, also on all the other streets.

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  5. Love this. The colors are great. Love the big woman, the skinny beans fashionistas, and that man before the last one. Thanks for sharing. There is something for everyone here. Such a cool idea!


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  6. Hi Manja, have a new blog, and wanted you to be able to find me. Still debating with myself how much to be involved in the challenges available. changes, also another computer with Windows 10 (had an Apple before). Have fun this week, Jeshie2 (new username)

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