Thursday Doors 13/5/21: Tarquinia 4.

Today, the final door post from Tarquinia and some celebrations, such as my sixth anniversary of posting doors on Thursdays.










First, hurrah for my sixth anniversary of posting doors on Thursdays! My first Thursday Doors post appeared on May 1st 2015. I needed a month or so to become a regular but once I did, there was no looking back. The first three months of my Thursday Doors are gathered here.

Who would say then that I’d still be doing it six years later, now under new “management”, from Norm to Dan? Even this past year, when my blogging activity almost completely stopped, I still did my doors.

Today’s post is a great continuation from yesterday’s statue, not that it was planned this way (I know, I could lie). Unlike the last week’s 6-minute door dash, it took us two hours between the first and the last photo in this post. Lunch was included, you see.

This is the Etruscan coast of Lazio in Italy. The day is September 5th 2020. My last visitor, my one Italian friend and I have been strolling around Tarquinia for two hours already and we are hungry and thirsty. First we have a drink and realise that we need to prolong our parking fee, and then it’s a restaurant search race, in which we emerge victorious with our choice of Il boccone del prete.

And the doors, the doors are always everywhere anyway. Have a look.

And on Sunday raise a glass and say “cin cin, Manja”. I’ll turn forty-eleven.

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

36 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 13/5/21: Tarquinia 4.

  1. More great doors thanks Manja. Poor uncle at least he had a beer. I will make sure that on Sunday I’ll open a bottle, fill a glass and say “cin cin, Manja”. I hope it will be a wonderful day ❤

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  2. These are marvelous doors, Manja. Wooden doors. Just the way those beautiful stone entrances should be filled. It’s good I ate before gazing at the food. I also like the shutters and the balconies. It’s so fun traveling with you 🙂

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  3. A very entertaining post, Manja! 😄 I enjoyed your obsession with doors every step of the way. How do you feel about open doorways? As in door-shaped hole sans door?! 😄 Yours intrigued, Sunra ☀️

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  4. 😂👌☀️I tried to google the word for a door-phile, a lover of doors so to speak, but couldn’t find one. It’s been bugging me all morning! 😄 If you happen to know, do enlighten me!

    Wishing you a good day ☀️

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