Day 29: Thursday Doors, 29/4/21

Today’s poem is short but there are many doors in the photos, including some for the First Annual Thursday Doors Writing Challenge. Read on.











Prompt 29: “This one (=prompt) is called ‘in the window.’ Imagine a window looking into a place or onto a particular scene. … What do you see? What’s going on?

“No no, not window, door!” I mumbled to myself as I read the prompt. But then I got an idea.

Yesterday I wrote in my poem:

why is it that today,
on a rare walk without my camera,
I find a door at our trash heap,
clearly left there for a door lover
but only good enough
to take home in a photo?

Well… I went back. And good that I did since today the door is gone and it has been replaced by something especially for Dan. First the poem and then photo evidence.

A door from a window

The door on the floor,
the hole where the head should be,
discarded in the night.

A woman and a dog
circle it from all sides,
she returns with a camera.

The neighbour texts the hitman: “She has evidence. Now.”

My poem is (more or less) in the form of a sevenling, written from the position of a woman watching from this window:

Our Thursday Doors host Dan at No Facilities is organising the First Annual Thursday Doors Writing Challenge. Until Saturday photographers, taking part in Thursday Doors, will be designating one or more of their doors for this challenge in their posts, and then anybody who would like to participate can write a poem, a story or a book (or anything in between) based on a chosen designated door until May 29th.

I wish to make it perfectly clear that any door that I have ever posted for Thursday Doors (and five plus years mean many Thursdays) may be used for this challenge, but for today I had in mind both doors above: the one on the floor with the hole and the door of the machine. Let’s see them again:

Dan will decide whether my poem above is already a candidate for this challenge.

More doors coming up. First a special postcard from the Azores sent in today by a friend. Much appreciated. Thank you!

And finally, a photo run-by the gates I did today especially for this post, no matter that it’s been covered and murky, in order to make a visual confirmation that I’m going crazy from these same doors that I’ve been passing daily since October. I need a doorsfusion.

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

and for:

NaPoWriMo 2021 Button with black background

This day in my NaPoWriMo history (2018):

Beyond the Tulips
By Sylvain Plathless (a.k.a. MM) after Sylvia Plath's Among the Narcissi

Rigid, sunny and not gray at all, like those October stones,
Agatha straightens, out of her red beanpants, beyond the tulips. 
She is falling ill to nothing on the brain.

Neither the tulips straighten away from any small soul :
they silence its stripes below the yellow cave, 
nowhere where Agatha doctors the joy of her wounds, and runs and doesn’t walk.

No dignity out of that; here isn’t an informality-
the fruit plain, nothing like wounds, or the women breaking.
We straighten or fall : should we bear other come-hithers?

Or is it that preteens hate big loners?
She isn’t very red; the lovely calm can’t try her breathlessness. 
The tulips don’t look down unlike adults, either slow or black.

This day in my NaPoWriMo history (2019):

This is one of those posts that you have to read in full. Oh, things I tell. 😀 Proud, not proud.

This day in my NaPoWriMo history (2020):

My pet

Carries the heart
on the windowsill,
this one.

Would buy the world
a bone. Even better:

Doesn’t even
shoo away the birds.
Just smiles at them.

“Amici,” she tells me,
when they are clearly
invading our air space.

Sometimes she hides a treat
for me to find, and I pretend
to search for a while.

It amuses her,
like when I choose the wrong hand,
without the treat. So funny.

It can be hard
to take her out, though.
Can’t see it’s for her own good.

Won’t leave the screen.
Stubbornly sitting,
like a mule.

But frankly,
all things considered,
I couldn’t ask for a better pet.

Pet owner.
That’s what I meant.

35 thoughts on “Day 29: Thursday Doors, 29/4/21

  1. Your poetry absolutely qualifies as the first entry received in the First Annual Thursday Doors Writing Challenge! Way to go, Manja!

    I love your doors and gates and I am very much impressed by your creativity. I have read many of your posts throughout the poetry challenge and you’ve done a great job! Thank you for sharing your photos and poetry and thanks for letting people use your doors for inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooo, I think the boys from Monsters Inc have made themselves scarce just as you showed up…and/or someone with a hammer, maybe?

    Were there any tornadoes 🌪 in the night? Dooooorooothyyyy Gaaaaaale…

    I love the imagination in your director stint, I think pressure to come up with something just makes us more creative! A few years back I was writing 20 min short stories from pics/opening lines/random words others would pick for me, and it’s always fun to let your mind loose and see where it wanders 🙃 well done on your NaPo success!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hihi, Montaffera, this is not a tornado or monster alley but you never know these days. I’m certain that I need pressure to function at all and this April is just perfect. I love your idea of continuing after others open. We did well! Thank you!


  3. I’m with Janet on the shutters, gorgeous. I know how you feel, passing the same doors all the time on account of travel restrictions. I keep hoping someone will paint their door a different colour, lol. Lovely poetry, you’ve done well with the month of April, Manja.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love this door saga, and the tongue-in-cheek ending of the poem, and Bestia in front of colorful gates.😍 And I remember fondly your My Pet poem—it’s like seeing an old friend.🥰

    Liked by 1 person

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