Bestia is 8!

Doors will wait. And the poem will wait. Why? Because today is the birthday of my familiar, and as every year I post one photo for each month we have spent together.










I don’t like to post more often than once a day but I knew today would be tough. And when I saw that today’s poetry prompt is about dead people, the decision was easy: bestia first, the doors and the poem in the next post later today.

Here he is, our bestia with the real name Fonzie (yes, after Mr. Fonzarelli), in a photo for each month of the past year, starting with last April.

We were lucky to be able to spend the summer months in Slovenia with my people after my sister hopped over with a friend and drove us there. I returned in August and in September my uncle came over as the last visitor we had. Ever since bestia has been one half of all my world. The other half is human but he doesn’t walk me.

Dear bestia, I’m sooooo happy to have you. Happy birthday and to many more!

Here are all the posts for his previous birthdays with a photo per month:

35 thoughts on “Bestia is 8!

    1. Haha, Verne, he is a huge control freak. 😀 But since usually there is nothing and nobody out there except birds, he sometimes barks at pigeons on the roof. But mostly he is quietly observing and taking some early sun. Sometimes he lies down in the part where the sun warms the tiles. Thanks for coming to the party. I hope you’re all well.

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  1. Adorable. How adorable this all is.
    I just spent the last minutes before bed going through your work. Impressive. What fun!
    Happy Birthday to Fonzie.
    And to you congratulation.
    Be well. I wish you miracles.

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  2. Happy Birthday Fonzie!! Funny that I did not know how he got his name, but I always think of Arthur Fonzarelli. Now I know that was the correct instinct! And since Pedro and I have finally begun to study Italian, I had to look up “bestia.” Oh my goodness, so hilarious. All this time I have been translating it to “bestie” as in, best friends, which could work. The truth is much better. Like how I call Tara my spawn. Out of love, of course. I can hardly believe your Bestia is 8 years old. I could swear he is still a puppy, and I don’t even think we knew each other when he came to your tribe. You have some beautiful shots of his face in this post. I look forward to meeting him in person one day. 🙂

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    1. ❤ ❤ ❤ This means even more because I know that you're not a dog person, Crystal. He loves you already too. Thank you so much!! And I love "the spawn", hihhi! And I didn't name him myself, wouldn't know Fonzie if you pointed him out. We didn't watch Happy Days in Yugoslavia. 😀

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