Thursday Doors, 4/2/21: Viterbo 2.

Here are further twenty minutes of the last carefree day, spent in Viterbo. The anniversary is coming up later this month. How are you doing?










Me? I find it really hard to keep up with my usual uplifting blogging presence and I’m grateful to Thursdays Doors for making me keep going it.

This is the historic centre of Viterbo, quite a large and old city in Lazio north of Rome. The day was February 22nd last year and it felt like going back in time. Don’t mind if I do it again.

By now I have seen lots of Italian doors. My camera eye is discerning but finds something of interest in every corner. Even when it’s more gritty than stylish, it’s eye-catching all the same.

Let’s start with the gelato from the end of my previous Thursday Doors post after Flavia and I were done with tiny but poetic Via Larga. See? Even my step is carefree.

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities


27 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 4/2/21: Viterbo 2.

  1. I am glad you find the energy and spirit to continue, Manja. It wouldn’t be Thursday Doors without you. If you ever run out, you can always recycle some favorites from the past.

    The Church of Santi Faustino e Giovita looks like something I’d expect to find in the southwest here in the states. So different from what we see where I live.

    I love the stone buildings, even the ones that need some attention.

    My favorite photo today is the first. I actually feel your carefree step. I hope we can return to days like that soon.

    Take care.

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