Thursday Doors, 13/8/20: Mojstrana and Vrata

You should see father’s smirk upon learning my reason why I wished to visit the Vrata valley, even though the mountains, including Triglav, the highest in Slovenia, were lost in fog. It’s simple. Vrata means door.









It was not just that, this realisation came later. First I remembered how I conquered Triglav at 2,864 m years ago, the only time I did it, starting right from this lodge at the end of the world. Horizontal, that is. This is where vertical world begins. Five and a half hours later you are on top of Slovenia – if you’re fit and properly equipped, that is.

Truth be told, doors were not on my mind at all while I was there. This is in fact a bit of a counter door post. After today Norm is taking the three-week Thursday Doors break and so shall I. Vrata/doors are here in name and meaning, as the door to another world, and this should suffice.

The thing is that I haven’t been blogging regularly at all for the time I was in Slovenia and I wish to show you where I was. Today’s photos were taken the day after those from last week’s post.

Now I’m back to Italy and the 40’s C, and I’d give my soul for some of that cool and fresh air. Come with me and breathe deep.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge

32 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 13/8/20: Mojstrana and Vrata

  1. What gorgeous scenery. Humans could never build anything as beautiful as what nature makes all on her own.
    And as an added bonus you even found a few nice doors.
    Stay cool, enjoy the break, and see you in September 🙂

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  2. That enshrouded mountain reminds me of any number of my high altitude disappointments! Still incredibly beautiful scenery, and I loved hearing about your past prowess on that tall peak!

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