Happy you to 50!

You are the third and the last of my immediate friends (and me) to hit 50 this year and I was not with either of you to celebrate it. We’ll have to catch up.












My dear friend, today I’m thinking of you. Let the sun shine for you.

First, a little trippy Slovenian song with animals and the sun that really wanted to be noticed today when I heard it for the first time, even though you don’t ski and we won’t go out to have a beer when reunited. (English subtitles available.)

This post has two galleries. For the first I remembered how happily you were photographing flowers with my camera one time while I was playing cards at a tournament.

Today I took a walk – I miss our walks so much – and imagined you were with me and we took these photos together. Some flowers have visitors. I like that green one especially. (I hope you are watching this on your computer. Click on the first photo and follow horizontally.)

The second gallery is to remember the together moments from the past year.

In the summer we went on a couple of lovely walks in Ljubljana, and I’m especially happy to have obeyed my inner voice that told me to take you to Parallel Worlds, the exhibition of works by Slovenian costume designer Alan Hranitelj upon the Ljubljana Castle. You were quite thrilled. And then we had a gelato and a lovely cup of awareness coffee. Let’s have a look.

This kind of togetherness is what I’ve been missing the most in the last three months.

And finally, a little poem I found online as it is, without any changes. Really! See how well it applies to you! Maybe I have written it in the future and don’t know yet that I will.

M is for melody, the song of life.
I is for intense, your zest of living.
R is for reasonable, your understanding way.
A is for acquaintance, the many friends you know.
L is for look, the way you look at life.
E is for expert, in your chosen career
M is for mild, your mild and gentle way.

Dear Miralem, I wish you many more such nice times and that your cup of awareness never runs dry. Be you and the world responds. To joy, luck and health!

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