Pic and a Word #231: Organič

Today I’m feeling like an organic nothing.











I cannot read fiction,
I cannot watch films,
reality tops anything ever invented,
so I watch and read and listen
to people now.

Nič is good on the eyes,
my family likes to say,
and yet these days
my eyes are the only organ
getting any workout.

But I feel the moment is coming,
it’s just behind the corner,
when I abandon all hopes
of keeping abreast,
of keeping them separated,
of getting a grip,

and return to nothing.

For my earlier and funnier comprehensive post on nothing look here.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #231: Nothing


6 thoughts on “Pic and a Word #231: Organič

  1. How am I the first comment on this?

    <smile> We are consumed by this pandemic, as much by the virus itself as by all the events in our lives which it dominates.

    Yes, it will be good to go back to a time with a bit more bearable lightness of being, when we can just sit in our nothingness.

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    1. Ha, I didn’t even notice it. Obviously this post was not easily approachable. I’m glad you approached it. 🙂 I get upset a lot these days, by news, by the dominance of fear, by how irreconcilable we are. All that is good about us, humans, needs a unifying force. I don’t see it anywhere. Thanks, Patrick.


  2. The bin looks abandoned but there’s life in those snails. I recently collected a handful of pretty, striped snail shells when digging an overgrown patch of garden. The shells all looked empty and I lined them up on a stone, planning to come back and photograph them later. When I passed that way the next morning the stone was covered with a web of interlocking snail trails catching the light and half the snails had gone. I’m sure there’s a message in there somewhere!

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    1. Haha, this must have been quite a discovery. There are always many snails around here – they like to group together on certain plants or wooden posts – but these days there is a specific boom. The bin is not abandoned. It has two larger bins for company and they are used by the people in the next condominium from ours. Thanks for your visits and words, Judith.

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