Friendly Friday disco varies

Today’s post is to respond to Sandy’s Friendly Friday theme for this week. She is asking us about our discoveries in this day and age. For some reason words came before images.














  • I can write a poem a day in a month more or less easily, but two months of quarantine is not enough to properly clean anything other than my computer screen.
  • In this matter I’m on the side of nature other than humans. Humans could stay neatly tucked away for two months every year. It would be perfect.
  • That said, there really are lots of rabbits around here. You know, once supermarkets close.
  • To dog-walk among nothing and nobody in the pristine air around here with the mask on is the silliest thing I have even seen. And yet police cruise and check. I feel that now I’ll really be susceptible to any damn germ that comes my way.
  • Hence – no cleaning. Some filth is good for us.
  • With Monday some things are relaxing but we are still not to leave our regions. I must not leave Tuscany and go to Rome, for example. (Or meet Flavia.) If the police stops me, I’d need to prove that I live in Tuscany but I can’t. The European Union is great, but not in this case. All my documents are Slovenian but I need a document that puts me in Tuscany.
  • (Upon which amore asked, after two months, with something like amazement “But where would you like to go?” I replied: “To see different poppies.”)
  • Slovenia is discovering what a bad, lying, corrupt and cheating government it has. Trying to profit with mask and respirator business, really? A whistle-blower told plenty on national TV. And what happened? Other than protests, nothing.
  • If you whistle to the nightingale, the nightingale will whistle back.
  • Dog understands everything.
  • Amore is nice when he smiles.
  • And finally, something I posted on Facebook yesterday after it had given me an indecent proposal:

Bahhhhah, you’re drunk, Facebook, go home. You claim that I can reach 984 persons if I promote my latest post for 10 €. I have so many questions. Who are these people? How many are left-handed? How many have had tonsils removed? How many are innies and how many outies? How many have xeroxed their body parts? How many know Saussure? How many think we are aliens? How many will pay 10 Eur to reach 984 people? How many will tell you you’re drunk? Go home. And keep the people who pay away from me.

Result: Overnight the promised number of persons has grown to 1.088.

Normally, I’d be a little apologetic how in photos my disco varies not at all much these days, but these are not normal times.

Here are glimpses from my dog walks in the last week: not great discoveries, just regular. As Mike Ross and his Al Paca are saying: “Give me boredom. At least I know where I’m going to eat and sleep tonight.”

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by The Sandy Chronicles: Covid discoveries


20 thoughts on “Friendly Friday disco varies

  1. Ah Manja, I feel like I’ve had trip in your head! It’s better than taking me on your daily walk 🙂 I’m happy to give you Friendly Friday Challenge which prompted words rather than photos. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Haha, thank you, Sandy. Such a trip could be a little dangerous, but I’m glad it made you feel this way. Well, words were the first, but I’m also glad to show some of my photos that I like. Compared to how many I take, I like very few of them and each is a discovery of sorts.

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  2. Once again I think that you are improving your photo skills😍 I loved all of them! With regards to those who sell likes and propose ridiculous collaborations you already know what I think about them… 🤦🏻‍♀️😈

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    1. Thank you so much, Flavia. ❤ If I am, it's organic, subconscious. Probably the best way. I will never understand that selling and buying. One nice comment is worth more than anything money could buy.


  3. If you caw to crows they caw back but I’d rather whistle at a nightingale. I’ve never heard or seen one and they pop up in olde tyme poetry frequently and I think all poets should hear the real deal. Lucky you! As for wonders, I love the wildflower photo and the last one. I tried to take a pic using my phone yesterday of the wonder of a mama mallard and her new ducklings crawling all over her. I think they must have hatched earlier in the day. Alas, my crappy phone camera did not capture the wonder so I’ll just have to carry it around in my head.

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    1. Thank you, Susanne, for coming over. I hope you stay long enough so that we can listen to my nightingale that might not be that at all, but I don’t know of any other bird that sings in the middle of the night. Do you? Better in your head than not at all. Sounds lovely.

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