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It was on this day six years ago that I posted for the first time and became a blogger. And look at us now.












Not many will remember any of the photos below – unless you’ve had a look at my beginnings – since they are all from the first month on my first blog The Mexi Movie, April 2014, and it took me a while to acquire followers who weren’t related to me.

I started blogging after I had lived here in Tuscany for almost a year. Almost a full year I was doing it for more or less myself. The break-through came when I started joining challenges, such as the Weekly Photo Challenge and Thursday Doors. I highly recommend this course of action.

After the first blog I had three more and here we are on my fifth. I cannot thank you enough, my friends who keep following me from blog to blog, who have my back and front page, who enjoy gifting me your time and sharing your lives with me. For someone who has been living in a kind of isolation for the last seven years as it is, you are priceless.

Coming up in April: just like in the previous two years, I shall be joining the National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) campaign and every day write one poem based on the provided prompt. It is free for all, if you are interested, please join me.

My wish is to concentrate on words this coming month and cut down on the amount of photos. Photo excess will be back in May.

April starts in two days! How did this happen? And the last six years? They went by in the flash. Thank you for sharing them with me. All well to you all.


26 thoughts on “Add year

  1. Congratulations, Manja! I started blogging a few months before you but had seen you around commenting on different posts. The Mexi Movie–is she a movie star? Does she make movies? I loved the title of that blog. Looking forward to more writing and more photos. Oh, and that cat is a little beauty!

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    1. Thank you, Lois. 🙂 I’m glad to know that the name made you pay attention. Do you know now why this name? Maksimovič is my surname. Mexi is the nickname that I inherited from my father (His is spelled Meksi). The letter ‘č’ old comps often wrote as è. All together gave Mexi Movie. 😉 Thank you for sticking around.

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  2. I’ve been blogging for about that long also. I haven’t been nearly as successful as you but I can’t take the amazing photos that you do! Simply not patient enough. Glad to see the numbers are going down in Italy. In the US it’s been very uneven. We went into lockdown here in California about three weeks ago and our numbers are flattening. Not so in NYC.

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    1. Oh, Jan, but what does successful mean, after all? Numbers? I’m pretty sure you’ve got faithful readership as well, to make you feel warm. I’ve always been on the side of quality, not quantity. Good luck to you and New York brothers and sisters.

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