Pic and a Word #224: Raw awe

This weekend was the first day of spring and World Poetry Day. In the poem a whole lot of gibberish, and in the photos some growth, including the first and the second, quarantined, poppy of the year.






It’s the dawn
of the new



In other news, the day that starts with a terrible earthquake in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, the neighbour of my Slovenia, cannot be a good day even so. There are injured, great damage, at least one casualty, and the tip of the Cathedral spire fell down. And you know what is between Ljubljana and Zagreb? Slovenian nuclear power plant, that’s what.

There is a photo that says it all: evacuated new mothers with masks on. Imagine: you’ve just given birth in the quarantine and then a 5+ earthquake wakes you up and you have to go out in the street. And then it starts to snow.

Comparably, here it’s paradise.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #224: Awe


22 thoughts on “Pic and a Word #224: Raw awe

  1. Oh my. Wouldn’t that be a challenging day. To give birth to a new child – so full of optimism and hope, then Corona, Earthquake and to walk outside and it snows…. These women and children are doing it tough. I remember having a young babe in arms and the Gulf War just started – I cried for the life I thought it might not get to have. But it passed as I hope this goddam virus will. We are gradually shutting down, it is a protracted and painful process, yet I still have to go to work. Love the poppy – how symbolic and the rosemary and thyme photo.

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      1. Well I am glad you said that. I couldn’t see it but trusted it was there. It was the colours and angles of the shot that appealed to me. Nice to know that it was your quirky captions that tricked me up again.

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  2. My gosh those poor mums, I would be so scared for those newborn(s). I wonder if someone had twins, how do you even carry two newborns by yourself who can’t hold their neck? And maybe some babies needed intensive care before the earthquake. Yikes. What a nightmarish start to their lives. Hope they end up well.
    Yesterday I saw soooo many people on my short walk outdoors – I wish I had space like you do. I don’t think I’ll go for another walk in a long time because no one seemed to care for keeping a meter’s distance. It was disturbing.
    Be well

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    1. Oh, SMSW, not a nice thought, this. Neither. Space is good. I’m so grateful for it. I cannot imagine anybody from the outside coming into my zone right now. Even the Amazon delivery people leave packages at the gates. Amore was running after one to give him one of the masks he got at work. The delivery guy needs it more. Probably better to stay indoors. All well to you too.

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    1. Thank you so much, Moon, and for thinking of me. ❤ When you do, think of us in the calm of these times, even calmer without the alarm clock at 4.15. It will be hard for him to return to work! I wish all well to you and yours too!


  3. Oh, my, I wish I had not seen the photo of the new moms … our son and his wife are expecting (very soon) my first grandbaby, and what a terrible, mixed-up time to be thinking about going into a hospital to give birth. Not to mention I might not be able to get to them to help or hug … 😦 Your spring photos do soothe the soul, though, so thank you for that part! Happy to know your family is all OK with the quakes.

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    1. Oh Lexi, we have the world as we have it, not much to do about it now before the new soul is born, other than not fret too much. I’m glad that my photos soothe you, thanks for that. There will be quakes, hurricanes, floods, viruses, we must only get stronger for it, and humbler. All well to you and yours. ❤

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