Pic and a Word #222: On connections

Today is the International Women’s Day, almost half of the country is locked down, and I’m thinking of the kind of connections I need.














To answer with one word: women. I need women. Everything around me is masculine. But the poem is for all the bloggers, because it’s all about balance and I thank you all.

To fellow bloggers

Everything is connected.
We all are one.
A virus must say so,
or most don’t believe.

Internet has everything.
What we lack, we search.
For some is the deep web,
for me is the beauty.

I would have everything
but the connections.
You fulfil my needs
better than anything else.

There is a you-shaped hole
in my life,
and it takes all of you
to fill it up.

In pictures, various kind of connections that first come to mind, apart from bloggers. Even though some break through to the other side too, that is become flesh and blood. Imagine that.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #222: Connections

38 thoughts on “Pic and a Word #222: On connections

  1. We are not in lockdown here. Events are still continuing at the moment. Will there be more consequences of that. Singapore is more or less quaratining themselves too. Have you read Ju-Lyn’s post?
    So nice that Snow found you! Blogger friendship are so special! And we can have as much contact as we like over the net with no danger of Corona.

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  2. To my favorite “International Woman!” Teehee. Thank you for a little “Italy traveling” thru your photos (and, memories of Civita!)…. I sure I was there, but alas we will wait AGAIN. I hope too Italy sees this blow over quickly, it is so sad the impact of tourism coming to a standstill. Also, I love the sunset view from your home! Soooon!!!

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  3. There is a kind of sadness in your words and photos, Manja. We hear about Italy and the virus every day – glad to hear you are ok! Love your poem…and that photo of Bestia looking down the road in that wonderful light. May we all come out of this happily.

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  4. My dear Manja, I loved your poem so much and normally I don’t… I mean that it takes a Neruda to move me but you did it!

    I also liked the rest of the post, it reminded me of my “gratitude exercise” and I totally agree, we have to celebrate what we have, avoid taking people and things for granted.

    I cannot wait to come back exploring famous places with you… but most of all the unknown ones, laugh like two crazy and wandering around like if time did not exist!

    Take care and be back on your feet very soon❤️

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    1. Ahh, Flavia, grazie! My feet hurt, it’s true, but without this bad vibe I’d still be willing to go somewhere. As it is, I’m not tempted. It will change, I’m sure. ❤ We will do it all again. And Neruda, really? 😀 Ahhhh, now I'll be full of myself. 😉


  5. Let’s ignore the coronavirus and focus on Bestia! That photo of him staring down the road looks like part of a fairy tale, and the others are just as charming. And speaking of charming, it’s always nice to see your cheerful parents; they always looks so happy! Be safe, and I hope things don’t get too bad there.

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    1. Thank you so much, Lexi. ❤ Oh yes, let's ignore it for a while because there is nothing around here anymore but the virus talk. The entire country has been put on hold now. People have stopped kissing, eating out, getting married, going to church. I'm focusing on Bestia too, often. He is such a great companion. And my parents are far, I don't think I'll be able to join them in Slovenia and have my 50th BD party in May after all… Well, I'll just be fifty for a couple of years and celebrate non-stop. 😀

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    1. Thank you so much, Joanne, for thinking of us. ❤ We are really remote from everything, and in this case at least this is perfect. Amore still goes to work to Rome by train but he says there is nobody anywhere. And I barely see anybody but him all days. Without the internet I might be going slightly mad. All well to you too!


  6. The sunset shot from the roof is stunning.
    As for the situation in Italy right now, it’s hard to know what to think; I know the media has the tendency to overemphasize the gravity of things at times, but it’s hard to ignore that fact the world famous tourist sites that are usually jammed with people are almost empty. In any case just know that we’ve been thinking about you both a lot lately. Stay safe, stay sane, get out when you can and let’s hope this all blows over relatively quickly.

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    1. Thank you, Norm. Quite, it’s a huge difference from normal. It’s a question when it will go back to how it was. But I think people will see what their lives were missing and will never go back. Just a little more and I’ll cross to the side of the virus. It’s doing good things. Cin cin with limoncello!

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  7. Awww, what a sweetheart you are to mention me here. I can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait till you get to try the camera!

    I started blogging just to get my thoughts out somewhere. I had no idea that after 13 years of it, my absolute favourite part would be “meeting” so many great people online. I had no idea how genuine and loving and caring and thoughtful and supportive and creative and interesting and funny you all could be. Thank goodness I found the blogosphere. I have a list of favourites, and I am DETERMINED to meet you all in real life. Manja, certainly I will meet you soon (sans virus) and then you’ll have to give me tips on what to do in Piran because through you it’s now the city I am dying to see.

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      1. When I graduated from college in 2007 I was unemployed for a long time and it was stressful. I started blogging for something to get my mind off my worries. There have been a couple of dark times in my life since then, and I relied on my blogger friends for their love. It always gets me through.

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