Thursday Doors, 20/2/20: Ljubljana

The keen eye will notice that these are windows in the featured photo, not doors, but many Ljubljana doors are coming up to show you a bit of Slovenian door culture.










Today we continue where we stopped a while ago on this Thursday: in the old part of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia and my city of birth. The first door in the gallery below might seem familiar as it’s a repeat from that post.

It was a blistering hot July day, even though it doesn’t seem so because the sky was covered.

I remember later that evening that my friends, their Japanese guests, and I were waiting for a table in a pizzeria with all the outdoor tables full. After quite a while we decided to have the pizza indoors but the waiter honestly discouraged us from it because, as he said, there was no air-conditioning inside and we would not enjoy it. So you can imagine how hot it was.

You will notice quite a large amount of doorfies. It’s not that I was searching out reflective doors but at one moment I was passing only this kind of doors. Judging from my grin I didn’t mind it.

Welcome to Ljubljana and if you reach it before I do, greet it for me.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


41 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 20/2/20: Ljubljana

      1. I just realised that you probably pronounce your name with the stress on ‘o’, while in Slovenia all the women named Bojana are called Bojaaaaana! (I had a good friend in primary school called Bojana, and later two card-playing friends with this name and the same surname, to make it harder. They were not related.)

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      2. Of course they do. I meant, once they learn how we pronounce our j’s. They never master the stress, though.
        Germans for instance have both male and female for Nicola, depending on the stress. Kids can be very touchy if you pronounce it wrongly.

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    1. I wish I could be the owner of all those windows! I remember the building, right in the center of Ljubljana… and I also remember the submarine door. Isn’t it close to the library on the upper street, parallel to the river?

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  1. Quite a varied collection this week. I love the one with the beginning with lion head knockers, and of course all of those doorfies made me smile right back at you.
    You know I THINK it was me who coined the phrase “doorfie” but I’m not 100% sure. I do know that “doorscursion” belongs to Joey though 😉

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