L-A: Four capitals

Here are the only four capitals that I visited in my digital life since 2007, and a bouncy new tune by the old favourites.











Viveka, who is guest-hosting Lens-Artists photo challenge for the first time, wishes to know what capital means to us.

I shall stick to only one meaning of the word, especially because for me capitalism is a bad word, and show you four capitals – Ljubljana, London, Prague and Rome – that I visited since I went digital back in 2007.

But first, a bit of soundtrack. Here is a band that unites all these cities. This is their brand new song from the upcoming album Gigaton, a bit different, a bit edgy and bouncy, and a hypnotic video to go with it.

After my move to Tuscany, all the photos of the capitals that I visited in pre-digital times have remained in film format back in Slovenia. I figured I would make new ones. I have, but not of those places.

Let’s mention them briefly: Zagreb (the last time I was there was for The Wall show by Roger Waters), Belgrade (for AC/DC), Budapest (for my first Pearl Jam show), Sarajevo (too young for concerts, but I did throw up on Baščaršija), Bratislava (they still had guards with machine guns on every supermarket floor), Copenhagen (I did one week of Denmark as a journalist accompanying a busload of students), Bucharest (twice to visit my poet friend who was studying there), Paris (twice, both times was magic), and most especially Vienna, where my father lived and worked for six years or so. I visited him often and we always had a good time. I can’t believe I don’t have any photos from those times here with me, I took so many!

But I remembered that I do have one from Paris 1991. 🙂

Apart from these – okay, and Athens briefly glimpsed from the port of Piraeus – I haven’t stepped foot in any other capital.

Plus the stars of today, of course, the four capitals in pictures.

Pearl Jam found me, alphabetically and chronologically, in: Ljubljana, Slovenia, where I was born (the show was in 2000); London, where I was three times, most recently in 2010 for PJ; Prague, where I was twice, the last time in 2012 for – you guessed it – PJ; and Rome which I first visited in 2012 and then my new life began. PJ needed a bit but found me there too in 2018. (Oh, I heard them live in six more cities. And they are on tour again this year… Just saying.)

Each of the four capitals gets five photos to make it proverbial twenty. It was not easy to pick only five, especially of Ljubljana and Rome. Enjoy, and visit if you have a chance. You won’t be sorry.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, guest-hosted by Viveka at myguiltypleasures: Capital


32 thoughts on “L-A: Four capitals

  1. Almost Africa. Agreed.

    I love how concerts led you to some of these capitals.
    Now, my warm suggestion, do yourself a favor and make these your priorities: Athens (all of it), Lisbon (a gem), Madrid (what’s there to say?)

    Two more very dear and near to my heart – Kairo and Tunis.

    I loved Vienna too, esp the museums and gallerias. Had great time in London and Paris.

    What can I say, I love capitals.

    Beautiful pics, Manja.

    (You threw up on Baščaršija?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Bojana. A (Slovenian) friend lives in Madrid, it’s an option. Lisbon I’ve always wished to see. But for now I have all this Italy around me to explore, it feels strange to go elsewhere. I threw up in Sarajevo after the drive from Bihać with so many turns. I’ve always wished to return and make different memories.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the morning and musical tour of Europe … some of the cities I share with you … but I have never been to Ljubljana – I have no put it on my do-it list. Thank you for the tour of your city. You’re one devoted fan … I love how you told your story. I wish I could follow Jonas Kaufmann around Europe. I have never heard about the band … but I really like the track you have chosen. Thanks for playing with me.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Mr Kaufmann … took over my heart a couple of 2 years ago when I saw a BBC documentary with him. Straight after the program I went on-line and booked ticket for his performance in Berlin. I can’t afford to follow him around. I will make it to Ljubljana … promise you. *smile – ThAaAaanks!

        Liked by 1 person

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