Pic and a Word #217: We were tourists

This weekend I had a sleepover. Flavia joined me for the weekend and we spent two days exploring my neighbourhood in the springlike atmosphere. She came to unplug, I plugged in. It was perfect.


This weekend we were tourists
who pay 7 eur for vanilla tea and apple juice,
and 23 eur for lasagne, risotto
and a small bottle of mineral water
without blinking an eye
because we saved 40 eur
for the photographic excursion
and so many other things were free:
new greens,
flamingos and other aviators,
Niki’s crazy art,
good company,
beautiful light at dusk,
barking bestia,
and as many doors
and windows
as two bloggers,
one who unplugs
and the other who plugs in,
can manage.
And best of all –
no tourists.

The photos are in the order as taken, the first two thirds from Saturday, the last seven from Sunday. Thank you, Flavia, for making me leave my nest. I’m sure we will do it again, and again. And you even liked the Slovenian pumpkin seed oil on the salad I made!

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #217: Tourists


35 thoughts on “Pic and a Word #217: We were tourists

    1. Oh, thanks for the info, Bushboy. I admit that I didn’t do any googling. I was happy to see it but didn’t wish to approach more because I had bestia with me and there was another photographer with a looooong lens and he wouldn’t approve if we scared his subject away. 😀

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  1. I don’t know the movie Manja, but may keep a look out for it, as the MotH loves to watch those movies. I think Vanilla tea sounds fantastic. I am a fan. Lucky Flavia – being able to visit for a weekend and see these vistas with you. It is a bit far for me to pop over for the weekend. Ah the joys of being European! Lucky you.

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  2. Bravo. Looks like you two had another wonderful time exploring together, and on your turf this time too. For me it was fun to be able to look at these shots and recognize the places you went. I love the shot of your little guy looking back at the camera and posing like he was on the cover of Italian Vogue 😀

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