Thursday Doors, 19/12/19: 2019

Since Norm, our principal doorman, kindly invited us to make a compilation of our favourite doors posted in 2019 for the last Thursday Doors of this year, here is my excessive one with thirty-three of them.











For some reason, maybe you know which one, I cannot stop taking door photos. It just doesn’t get boring. I hop between my countries, Italy and Slovenia, and between various towns and cities often enough that doors and door styles don’t get repeated too much, even though I’ve been doing it for some four years or so. Every Thursday, imagine that.

In August this year I changed blogs (again). For my last Thursday Doors on my previous, coral-coloured blog I made a selection of my favourite doors posted on that blog. Instead of repeating them here, please go over there and have a look. I love them and could post all of them again today.

And then I moved over here and this is how my Thursday Doors posts look all together now:

All my Thursday Doors with one click.

But since I know that nobody has time to go through all these doors, I did that for you and selected a nice round number of 33 door photos for the year 2019 from here, Italy, and there, Slovenia, that I’d like you to see again. See how many you can remember.

I wish you happy holidays and that all the right doors open and close for you in the new year.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


33 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 19/12/19: 2019

  1. Bravo! From all of the wonderful doors you captured last year I can just imagine just how difficult it was to narrow it down to a top 33 list.
    Of course it’s absolutely impossible to me to pick a favourite.
    I also wanted to take a minute and wish you both (and Fonsie too!) all the best of the season and much health and happiness in 2020.
    Here’s to many wonderful doorscursions in 2020!
    Cheers 😀

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