Pic and a Word Challenge #210: Wheelbarrow house

Wheelhouse is the theme, Patrick says. What is that? A house on wheels? My first thought went to the wheelbarrow and I stuck to it.














There is a wheelbarrow house
with a wheelbarrow garden.

Whose idea was it? I wonder.
Did the kid climb in it and say: “Go!”?

Or did a grown-up, father or uncle,
think of it first?

In any case, it happened,
I have photo proof, just not here:

Me, grinning ear to ear
out of the wheelbarrow

pushed around the garden
by uncle or father.

My first wheelhouse.

By now it has turned white, they tell me. Several cm of drama have fallen this week. I like it in all seasons.

This was that same garden two weeks ago when we visited Slovenia for my parents’ grand wedding anniversary. They still live on the first floor. No kids in the wheelbarrow now, just a bestia on the loose.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #210: Wheelhouse


19 thoughts on “Pic and a Word Challenge #210: Wheelbarrow house

  1. <smile> Somehow, you managed to wander into something somewhat close to the actual meaning of “wheelhouse”. Literally, a wheelhouse is any structure protecting a wheel. Figuratively, we use it in North America as an idiom referring to a place of expertise and comfort. “That’s not in my wheelhouse” is an expression meaning “that task is not something I’m very good at.”

    I suppose, a gleeful ride in a wheelbarrow is in your wheelhouse. 😉

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