Noroc, Aleš!

This is not an answer to Rock or Not to Rock, but rather – as you know since you studied there – cheers in Romanian. It is your birthday after all.






Na zdravje!

First, some technical info for my followers: today I’m trying something new on my blog. If you click on any photo below, you will discover an interesting feature: you’ll be able to view the photos in a very pretty gallery, if I say so myself.

But you must click, and in that case captions disappear. I suppose one cannot have it all, and WordPress likes to remind us of that.

As always around me, captions are important. And now they are bigger, which I really like. So I suggest that you first go through the photos and read them, and then click on the last photo to see the photos again in the funky gallery setting. WordPress call this feature Lightbox. (I don’t know if it works on your phone as well. I like to say that this is a big screen blog.)

I’m always pleased if you tell me you opinion and your experience with my blog.

And now to the birthday at hand.

Writing your name in the title reminded me of every time when I strolled around London and all those ALES pub signs reminded me of you. 😀

But this is our Ljubljana, both times that we met in its centre, in May and in July. These were also the only two times that we saw each other this year. Changing countries will do that to you. Both days were murky but it doesn’t change things one bit. Ljubljana is pretty.

One more thing: the poem that you will see in one of the photos I already translated here.

Happy birthday, Aleš, enjoy your upcoming travels to both coasts of the USA (and try not to unhinge anything), and to many joint wanderings!

13 thoughts on “Noroc, Aleš!

    1. Thank you, Dan. 🙂 I was amazed when I found and tried out this Lightbox option for the gallery. I still need to see how it displays if you view my blog on the phone. On the big screen it’s pretty colourful, just how I love it.


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