Pic and a Word Challenge #203: Playing mantis

Well, a distant relative, but she definitely came to play.











Playing mantis

I thought it was a huge caterpillar.
She came on Wednesday
as if to say:
“Play with me.”

She landed on our front door
and fluttered as if to promise:
“It's not over yet.
You’re still alive.
I’m still alive.
Let’s play.”

I listened
and went to fetch the camera.
I returned
and she was still fluttering.

I felt inadequate.
When was the last time
I landed before an unknown door
and just fluttered?

And then I thought again:
But that’s what I do,
I play in front of unknown doors
with my camera all the time.

I thanked the caterpillar.
She was huge.
She stopped fluttering
and was off.

And then I wondered:
what if she was really a locust,
the first of many?
Where lies the difference?

In my language we have the same word
for both:
Little she-horse.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #203: Play

10 thoughts on “Pic and a Word Challenge #203: Playing mantis

    1. Ahh, Lexi, this is great! I love that you explored meanings and words. You can tell me if kobila relates to caballo, I have no idea! 😀 Also, I’m not quite certain which kind of bestia this was! Was it a locust, do you know?


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