Thursday Doors, 5/9/19: September mix

Today on the menu: doors from three locations, cars, beer and the Italian way of fixing things.

As I was going through last September photos, I didn’t find only pesty pets but also a variety of doors in three locations: around home, in Porto Ercole and in Rome.








Yes, this is our gate in the featured photo with uncle supervising our twin cars. By coincidence amore and uncle had bought the same car long before they knew of each other.

To lead us into today’s selection, the only photo that was not taken last September but rather this week. Uncle, who is leaving today, has found the new favourite beer. And it’s from Sardinia. Must be unfiltered, he stresses.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


20 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 5/9/19: September mix

  1. Everything I’ve come to expect from a Manja post – variety and interesting doors. Lots of interesting doors 🙂

    My favourite is the Italian fixer-upper. It made me smile because it’s something my dad would have done to solve a problem. I didn’t realize it was part of his heritage 😉

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  2. Fun stuff except for the weird Canadian at the end. Gee I appear more often on your blog than I do on my own 😀
    I love the rusted out old Fiat. The Roman door with the iron tulips in the top panels really made me smile too. Excellent finds!

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