On the road again

I have so many wonderful photo memories from my holiday in Slovenia and so little voglia to post them. Avoidance of expression, Joey calls it. And yet, here is the first part of our first day under the Slovenian mountains from one month ago.














The thing I read that resonated the most lately was Joey’s August post at Joeyfully Stated in which she says:

I’ve read substantial commentary on how “whatever gets you through” is OKAY. My current OKAY seems to be avoidance of expression. Suppression. Super unhealthy. Really, it’s an avoidance of conflict.

Later she describes her mood as “lemme-just-curl-up-under-my-hard-shell-as-I-must-protect-my-squishy bits”. This is how I’ve felt too: self-protective and energy-saving.

It doesn’t help that on Sunday it was the first time – not counting the two weeks in Slovenia – that amore and I left the house together since February. Think about it: that’s half a year without a joint outdoor experience. Quarantine is the state of mind.

Now my uncle is here and we’ll go around if it doesn’t get too hot again. But first today must end. It’s full moon and I don’t eat.

In photos you can see how last month we reached our destination Kranjska Gora where we spent three glorious days under the Julian Alps.

The drive there was wet. We weathered the storm in a Radovljica bar where, since another full moon was out, father and I only had some tea.

Just before Kranjska Gora, in Gozd Martuljek, the rain stopped, some sun shone through and we stopped to have a look at the mountains and the bridge and the stream. We met a jolly cat. It was a good sign and the start of a wonderful holiday.

I’ll see when I gather momentum to post the photos from the arrival and the rest of the days, but sooner or later I will. They will cheer up all of us. Be well.

30 thoughts on “On the road again

  1. These are wonderful images – such beautiful countryside. Quarantine state of mind is a real challenge. I often feel the same way – staying more inward. After a while it can feel paralyzing. Sigh. Glad you were able to get out!

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  2. Your home country reminds me of mine -the mountains of British Columbia in Canada. So lovely. I could smell the pines! Avoidance of expression I totally understand. Before Covid I found commenting on blogs hard but now its like someone stole my typing fingers and my brain.

    You be well, too, Manja.

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    1. I never felt that you found commenting on my blog hard and I’m really grateful for all your visits comments, Susanne. ❤ Yes, I can see similarities even though I haven't been anywhere near your country. San Francisco was closest. Keep it up, you've got a great country.


      1. Hi Manja,
        I feel a tad awkward since I outed myself about feeling challenged commenting on blog posts. I always think I should have something insightful to say other than “Nice post” so I suppose I put unnecessary pressure on myself for comment quality control. Some blogs, like yours, are easier than others to chime in on. Lately, the difficulty is more about my ability to process a lot of information and if I watch or read to much news I suffer word and brain deficits as though the weight of information is crushing. Hence, the greater challenge to comment. Oh dear. I’ve babbled on and on. All to say, I enjoy your posts and silence should not be interpreted as not liking.

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      2. To this last: never! And yes, information is crushing, most definitely. Sadly I see myself in a bubble that is getting smaller and smaller. Right now I’m in the Florida bubble where the Heat will probably crush your Raptors. Sorry about that. See, they have the Slovenian Dragon. 😉

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