Windows from Piran

All morning I was thinking to post some Slovenian windows for Flavia, only to learn that she might need them more than I’d thought.










I love Flavia’s passion for windows. It is the perfect companion of mine for doors. She posts them regularly on her blog. Here are some that she spotted in Pitigliano the last time I saw her before going to Slovenia.

We were supposed to get together tomorrow for a giro of a new town and lunch at a lovely farm restaurant but it was not to be due to food poisoning.

To help her get well, here are windows that I photographed with her in mind my first week in Slovenia back in June, in the wonderful coastal town Piran where, topping all expectations and hopes, a pink house has grown that we call ours.

This is part one, the second part will follow when the time is right.

Still, happy Ferragosto, Flavia, or as Croatians call this holiday, Grand Lady. I hope you get to see these windows for yourself one day.

33 thoughts on “Windows from Piran

  1. Hi MMM,

    Yes, that looks like a Venetian lion. Nice. I was wondering where were the windows into one’s mind or soul? Someone asked me that today. Thanks. Duke

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  2. Windows vs Doors – I don’t know which portal I like better for getting glimpses into the lives of others, present and past. Maybe I’ll vote for a 3rd party and say, the walls surrounding also hold a lot of promise!

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  3. Manja, my dear, they are all lovely and I have loved all of them. Thank you so much for this unexpected gift. I hope you enjoyed taking and assembling them at least the half of what I did reading this post because in that case it would be a huge amount of fun🤗 thank you my dear

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    1. Ahh, Flavia, I’m glad you felt my joy. It’s always present when I do things for you or with you. We will do them again! And yes, I had so much fun taking and collecting these that there will be another Piran window post one day. 😉 Hope you’re all well!


  4. Kok lepa okna za Flaviooo! Pa besediu tut. Naša tazgorna okna v Piranu so tudi zraven. So bolj enostavna, ampak so NAŠA. Jeeee … Napiš mi kej, kako sta s Fonzijem. Kaj pa kaj sukulente?

    Lupčkaaaa, mami

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