Thursday Doors, 18/6/20: Vitorchiano 6.

And here it is, the last part of Thursday Doors from Vitorchiano from me, freshly landed in Slovenia. And now – chill.










I’m happy. Not only because it’s Thursday and I’ve come to the end of my Vitorchiano door series, not only – but most of all – because I’m in Slovenia again, in the most beautiful town on Earth, Piran, but also because I have a fresh batch of doors from a fresh meeting with Flavia!

Before we left for Slovenia, my visitors and I took her to see Pitigliano and Sovana for the first time. But more on this in the coming posts whenever I’ll be up to posting again. Right now I’m seriously dedicated to chilling and I’m only posting today because it’s Thursday.

My laptop didn’t even wish to turn on at first, compared to my computer back home it’s small and has a low-quality screen, bad mouse, failing charger (but I’m getting a new one tomorrow) and low CPE so it keeps crashing.

Contrary to that, my parents are happy and warm and give great hugs. So the choice is clear. And when I’m done with chilling, Piran is calling me out and about.

I still love all of you and for you I have the last batch of Vitorchiano doors. The entire January visit lasted about half an hour and I made six Thursday Door posts from it. Thank you, Flavia, for taking me there with your friend!

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge

28 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 18/6/20: Vitorchiano 6.

  1. You might have been tired at one point, but what a great pair of doors you captured! Plants, pots, laundry–it has it all! Have a great visit, Manja. Hugs to your mom and dad–I think they are a most adorable couple.

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    1. Thank you so much, Lois! 🙂 I’m extra glad that you like that photo in particular. It’s all over the place. As for my parents – good to hear that you remember them in good light (from a previous post, I suppose. Or do you know them? 😀 The couple in this post were my companions on that January trip, not now.)


  2. The collection starts well with the off-centre split and horizontal handle on that first one, and then it gets even better from there. This place really turned out to be fruitful for doors.
    So glad you got out with Flavia before you left and even gladder to hear you’re safe and sound, and chillin’ in Piran.
    Have fun 😀

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    1. Oh yes, Norm, it was most excellent to meet with her. We discovered a gorgeously situated flowery pizzeria in Pitigliano. You’ll see, one way or the other. 🙂 Thank you and I wish you a doorscursion or two as well. Greetings to both.

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