September 2018

My previous blog did not even last one year, that’s why I was left in the middle of my Calendar 2018 series and must start on this blog with September.











As is my habit, every month I have a look at the same month one year earlier and select twenty photos that in one way, or another, stand out.

Let’s see what caught my eye one year ago. I arrived from the summer spent in Slovenia back home to Tuscany where it was still hot. My uncle stayed with us at the start of the month, and at the end we hosted a special Canadian travelling couple. Suffice to say, they were adooorable.

Previous months of 2018 can be viewed here:

And here are two final Calendar posts from the previous two years:

30 thoughts on “September 2018

    1. Oh, I resize them too. On previous blogs I kept them large (about 800-1000 KB), but on this I resize them to medium, about half that (except the featured one). I think medium is quite enough. My storage capacity (for each free blog) is 3 GB. Don’t tell me you haven’t filled that up yet.


      1. I have wondered the same about why Manja needs a new blog so often – but I post around once a week and reduce my images by half, and don’t use up my capacity very fast. I am in awe of the bloggers who can put something comprehensive together every day. Some of the blogs I follow post MORE than once a day – good heavens. Manja, I think you may have done that a time or too, as well, in an old blog. I’ll probably never achieve that!

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      2. Well, no need to try and achieve that. We all blog at our own pace. At the start, on my first blog, I posted more often, then I tried posting every day, and now I have about 4 challenges that I contribute to regularly, which means four posts a week plus an extra one usually.

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